For the Moments That Will Last Forever

About Nadine Lee Photography

Established in 2006, I have now photographed over 650 weddings and carried out work for a large number of businesses throughout the UK. I began my career as a musician and performed throughout the UK for over 10 years, even releasing a CD. This then led me to photographing live bands.

A little about me, I too got married in 2014 and I can honestly say it was the best day of my life, I loved every minute of my Wedding Day! Apart from my passion for music, I love retro TV and I am also official photographer for the ‘Prisoner’ fan club – a 60’s TV series starring Patrick McGoohan. I photograph events which take place in Portmeirion, North Wales as this was where the TV programme was primarily set. My work for this is featured in the official magazine sent out to members of the fanclub. I am also passionate about animals, I rescue animals, help animal charities when I am able and I am a Vegetarian.

I am an extremely organised person, which is why there is absolutely no need to be stressed when hiring me as your photographer. I have never cancelled, missed or been late for any wedding I have been hired for! I meet up with you initially for a consultation before booking then 2 weeks before your wedding to go through lists and schedules with you. If you are opting for a wedding album, we meet up to go through the designs together. I have a very fast reply time to emails, phone calls and facebook messages, you can contact me anytime and any missed calls, I will return. I am also happy to attend a church wedding rehearsal (if available) and I also text the bride the day before wedding, along with checking weather forecasts so we always have a plan B!